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Welcome, Let my tell you a little about myself. I am a chef, artisan bread baker, ancient food historian, food archaeologist, and writer. Although that sounds like quite a mouthful, I guess it’s all about a love of history and food. The person I credit for getting me started in all of this was my stepfather William Marr (or as my husband likes to call him “Wild Bill”) He was a jack of trades type, a prospector, chef and wild west historian. It must have been those tales of his almost finding the legendary Lost Dutchman gold mine sandwiched between cooking lessons that did it. Years after “Wild Bill” died I discovered I also had a grandfather that was a master baker. Although I never had a chance to meet my grandfather, I find I am influenced in my bread baking by his memory. My husband too lends his influence by his encouragement and push and belief in me. He’s also an archaeologist which I guess I might have been but since my passion is food-well nutritional archaeology just seemed the best fit. I’m a curious sort of person, the kind that wants to know where something (like avocado’s or pomegranates) came from. I like to imagine just how that first piece of raw meat got dropped into the fire and what was the reaction when it was fished out? Was it tossed aside as being no good or was it eaten and the notion spread everywhere and just how long did that take? I recreate ancient bread and food recipes and I am also writing a cookbook featuring Egyptian cuisine of the past. As a chef I have taught classes featuring Southwest and Italian cuisine and as a baker I have taught artisan bread classes. Since 2009 I have also started creating Mead, that most ancient of drinks.

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