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Topic: Beer and All Hallows’ Eve

Ok so my husband found this article and I agreed is should be posted before Halloween even if it’s not exactly ancient- beer on the other hand is!

While you may have found the perfect costume for Halloween, you probably haven’t given much thought to what beer you will be drinking. This is Halloween, and picking up a six pack of domestic at the convenience store just will not make the cut.

On this night, everything should be a bit scarier. Homes are decked with spiderwebs and jack o’ lanterns, horror movies are in constant rotation and people dress up as zombies, monsters and vampires.

So why should your beer be any different? Dive into seven wicked brews that are sure to make your Halloween night a bit more frightening and also freakishly tasty.

Midas Touch: Dogfish Head – Milton, Delaware
While the name isn’t necessarily scary, the fact that this beer is made from mummy yeast just might unsettle you. Dogfish conjures up this Ancient Ale with spores found in the tomb of King Midas.

This beer will appeal to wine drinkers because its sweet floral notes and lack of hop bitterness. However be warned: at 9% ABV this potent brew does have the potential to awaken a monster that has been dormant for thousands of years.

Zombie Dust: Three Floyds Brewing – Munster, Indiana
This American Pale Ale bears a label featuring the artwork of Tim Seeley, a comic book artist best known for G.I. Joe. Zombie Dust will not only protect you from the undead, but also fortify you with extremely hoppy flavor and a coffin load of style points.

Dead Guy Ale: Rogue Brewing – Portland, Oregon
Here lies a stone-cold excellent example of a Maibock or Helles Bock beer. The label was inspired by a Mayan Day of the Dead festival in Portland, and no self-respecting Halloween zombie would be caught dead without one of these in its rotting hand.

DirtWolf: Victory Brewing – Downingtown, Pennsylvania
The full moon is sure to bring out the monster flavor in this new Double IPA from Victory. Wild notes from whole flower hops in this fairly strong IPA give drinkers something to howl about.

Four Witches Black Saison: New Holland Brewing – Holland, Michigan
There is definitely some black magic going on with this Black Saison. According to the brewers, this beer is the ultimate battle of good and evil, featuring both white and dark roasted wheat. The result is sure to cast its spell upon whomever is brave enough to break its seal

Wake Up Dead: Left Hand Brewing Company – Longmont, Colorado
This Imperial Stout was left to languish in the cellars of Left Hand for four months, until they unleashed it upon the public. It’s is said to have coffee, chocolate and licorice notes, but I am going to lock this 10.2 ABV beast up for a while longer. The bottle says it can be cellared for up to seven years, so stay tuned for my review when I unleash it in 2020.

Witch Hunt: Bridgeport – Portland, Oregon
Grab your torches and your neighbors and be on the lookout for this Spiced Harvest Ale from Oregon’s oldest brewery. Witch Hunt conjures up cinnamon and nutmeg, spices traditionally found in pumpkin beers, but don’t mistake it for one. It’s executed quite well, so take this fall seasonal for a spin on your broomstick.

Give these spooky beers a try if you dare, and have a happy, hoppy Halloween.

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By Greg Bowman
Greg Bowman is an Editor Producer with CNN Creative Services in Atlanta and is also a craft beer enthusiast. Follow his beer escapades on Twitter @gboCNN.

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