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On this day ten years ago…

Happy Holidays to all!  Peace be with you.
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Happy Holidays to All

Best wishes for the Holidays and a Prosperous and peaceful 2019 to all!



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Happy Holidays


My Thoughts:

To any of you reading this-the best of days to you and why are you online instead of opening gifts or calling someone?  Looks who’s talking, being online is getting to be a habit with me! 

I went to see Avatar yesterday-what a rush! Go see it, you’ll be amazed!

More food blog on Monday and for the new year I will start another blog that chronicles my quest to make ancient foods( such as Mead, Beer and Bread using ancient methods as far as I can duplicate them. Should be fun. In the past, before the blog I did make sourdough( wild yeast) culture and bread from scratch and will do so again but I will keep a blog of the day-to-day so you can follow along.

Happy Holidays, which ever  you celebrate!

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