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Topic: You can get Red or Green-or Both

Yes, I know this is slightly off the topic of ancient foods but since I love the show In Plain Sight and suspect there are others who like it as well, I thought you might like a couple of pictures of by far the best restaurant( cafe really) in Albuquerque. These are of the Church Street Cafe in Old Town. Now I used to live in Old Town but being a starving student I never went there to eat-my loss at the time. Several years ago I happened to be in Albuquerque and having been told about the cafe went there to eat. It is by far the best you will ever get in town-and not all that expensive. I had breakfast and when asked( as is typical in New Mexico) if I wanted red or green chile with the meal I said both and was served both, it was the best meal I have ever eaten.

The cafe was first built as a home sometime in the early 1700’s by the Ruiz family, which makes it “ancient” in my book, as the menu I received as a gift informs anyone who eats there. This makes the structure one of the oldest in the state.

I can guarantee the food is typical New Mexican and steeped in the history of the region. In fact I used to teach cooking classes and this was one of the cuisines I taught.

A link will take you there for the full story. Check the page About the cafe for the full story-better yet if you are in Albuquerque-go eat there.



























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